About ECI

Event Cinema Ireland is a new specialist Irish distribution and marketing company for the booming entertainment platform called ‘Event Cinema’.

Event Cinema is where all sorts of live events, from theatre and opera to sports events and rock concerts are filmed and beamed live to cinemas and digital cinema-equipped performing venues around the world. This can result in a global live audience of hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions sharing the magic of the live performance for a single event. There is all the buzz of being at a live event and being part of a crowd of other fans, but with the twin advantages of being able to ‘be there’ (no matter where in the world the event is) at your own local venue and paying a small fraction of the cost of a ticket to the event itself.

ECI specialises in distributing the best quality live transmissions to a circuit of high quality exhibition venues in both the Republic of Ireland and in the North of Ireland, and in providing these venues with specialised national and local media and consumer sales support.

As well as general PR and marketing for audiences, ECI’s website, E-communications, and Social Media provides a ‘go to’ information platform for fans of different types of events.ECI is just starting out , but there is a very busy calendar of events in the pipeline…Watch this space.